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Last week Google announced that it was going to deprecate the Structured Data Testing Tool in lieu of the newer Rich Results Test.

I use the Structured Data Testing Tool daily to validate structured data on client sites and frequently play with a blob of JSON-LD until I get just the right nesting.

Because of that I long ago developed a Structured Data Testing Tool bookmarklet. I mean, who has time to copy a URL, go to another tab and paste that URL into the tool and hit enter?

No Time For That

With the bookmarklet all I have to do is click the bookmark and it launches the tool in a separate tab for the page I’m currently viewing. I know it seems like a small thing. But in my experience, small things add up quickly. Or you can just listen to Martin Gore.

Rich Results Test Bookmarklets

So the other day I dusted off my limited JavaScript skills and created two new bookmarklets that do the same thing but for the Rich Results Test for Googlebot Smartphone and Googlebot Desktop.

Rich Results Test – Mobile

Rich Results Test – Desktop

Drag the highlighted links above to your bookmarks bar. Then click the bookmark whenever you want to test a specific page. It will create a new tab with the Rich Results Test … results.

So if I’m on this page and I click the Rich Results Test – Mobile bookmark it opens a tab and performs the Rich Results Test for that page.

Rich Results Test Results Example

I’m guessing there are a number of these bookmarklets floating around out there. But if you don’t have one yet, these can help streamline your structured data validation work.

I hope you find this helpful. Please report any incompatibility issues or bugs you might find with my bookmarklet code.

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